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"We Refinish Every Gun, One At 
Time, As If It Were Our Own"

Located in Crystal River, FL | 352-564-0001




Our turn around time is currently between 2-4 months for whole hand guns. Most partial guns can usually be run in 4-8 weeks. 

In order to try to shorten our turn around time, and to maintain our quality of work, we are NO LONGER ACCEPTING RUSH PROJECTS at this time. 


When you are ready to send us the gun, write us a letter letting us know what you 
would like done, and if it is okay to fix any lettering/logo/function. 
Include your return shipping address and a good contact phone number in case we 
have any questions. 

To ship your pistol by UPS or FEDEX, next day air, go to a UPS or FEDEX shipping 
store. Be sure to insure your package for the firearm's value, so it can be replaced if lost. You do not have to ship through an FFL because we have a manufacturer's license, which allows us to ship to and from you directly. You can NOT ship your handgun by Mail. The only way you can do this is to take it to your local dealer and have them ship it for you. If we receive a firearm from a dealer, we must return it to a dealer once the project is complete.

Please ship your hand gun to:

Ford's Custom Refinishing 
6843 N. Citrus Ave. Unit CC 
Crystal River, Fl., 34428

When packaging your firearm, be sure that it is well padded. Use a very 
heavy walled pasteboard box. Be sure to put your handgun in a plastic bag before placing it in the box and putting bubble wrap around it for protection. (Hint, you don't need to send your gun box, it adds weight to your box and will cost more.)

Once your project is complete, we will call you to confirm the return shipping address. We do require an adult signature when shipping a firearm back to you.


Payment is not required until after the project is completed and we are ready to ship 
the gun back to you. We will call you with a total including the return shipping. If you 
would prefer, you can send partial payments at your convenience until the 
project is done. 

We accept all major cards, cash, check, and money order.

AKs: We do work on AKs. The only restriction we have is that we cannot return ship to the State of California. 

ALUMINUM: Firearms can be made with different grades of aluminum, which affects how well it can be plated or anodized. It can only be plated or anodized so many times before the aluminum breaks down, and the firearm is unsafe to fire. We will plate/anodize aluminum twice. If it is still not up to quality, we will black anodize the frame to preserve its functional integrity.

There are some projects that we are not able to accept. 

NFA FIREARMS: We do not work on NFA Firearms (Class 3 Firearms)

TOP BREAKS: Due to their age and fragility, we will no longer be able to work on top breaks, tip ups, etc.

WOODWORK: We do not do wood/grip work.

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